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Zillertal Nature Park

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Zillertal Alps Nature Park

The nature park extends from an elevation of ca. 1000 m to 3,509 m in the Central Alps. Depending on factors such as altitude, exposure, geological features, or history of development in each spot, you will find a variety of different habitats as well as plant and animal species here. With the vertical expanse of the high mountain nature park, the number of habitats is very large, and the flora and fauna are very diverse. Glaciers cover a considerable part of the nature park and have characterized the landscape from the beginning. 

Along with natural factors, people have also strongly influenced the natural and cultural landscape. People's lifestyle and economic activities can be easily seen in the environment and have contributed to the charm of the diverse and romanticized mountain landscape in the Alps.  

The high mountain nature park provides many opportunities for recreation whether sporty and active with hiking, climbing, and mountain biking, or leisurely with extended walks through the magnificent and diverse nature park scenery. Experience the special features and secrets of the nature park on one of our tours in the summer program. Let yourself be enchanted by the glistening world of minerals, by exciting stories from the time of poachers and smugglers, or by the special ambiance of a torch-lit hike. Visit the new information center in the mountaineering village of Ginzling or visit the current nature park exhibit!

Zillertal Nature Park

Guided hikes:

The spectrum of guided hikes is vast - whether young or old, there is something for everyone! Our tours have varying lengths (half-day or full day) and highlight various themes such as cultural landscape, botany, geology, glaciers, and mountain forests, which our trained hiking guide will inform you about. Of course, there are special offers for families with children, for example llama trekking or the Keilkeller waterfall.

Nature park house in Ginzling
Pristine nature in the Zillertal