*** NEW summer 2019 – Chalets Alpenjuwel ***

Jäger's wellness oasis

Relaxation at its finest

Wellness, relaxation, and feeling at home. Our new 30° indoor pool with non-nude sauna for families is a special experience. Our new mountain sauna world (5 different saunas) with a modern design only for adults in the basement provides pure relaxation in Hotel Jäger. Of course, guests also treasure the sincere hospitality and warmth of the hosts and staff, because you can only truly relax where you truly feel welcome. This means that nothing stands in the way of you enjoying healthy relaxation in Tux. 

Jäger's indoor pool

Our 30° indoor pool (13 x 5.5m) is equipped with a sunny area with loungers, large relaxation area (partially separate from the pool for peace and quiet), and waterbeds. There is also a waterfall that gently massages the neck, pool loungers with massage jets, and a counter current for athletic swimmers. 

NEW! Jäger's mountain sauna world

Our mountain sauna world includes 5 saunas.

  • Finnish sauna with a temperature of 90°C. Room climate: dry
    Automatic infusion every 15 min. 
  • Bio sauna with fire for relaxation
    The bio sauna with a eucalyptus aroma differs from the Finnish sauna in that the humidity of 55% is higher and the temperature of around 60°C is lower,  and it is thus gentler on circulation.
  • Herbal sauna
    The herbal sauna with 4 different infusions (herbs) every 15 min. and light changes is a pleasant experience and is gentle on the circulation with a humidity of around 50% and temperature of 60°C.
  • Aromatic steam bath
    The aromatic steam bath has a temperature of ca. 47°C and a humidity of ca. 90%. 
  • Infrared sauna
    Soothing infrared radiation thoroughly warms the skin and the underlying layers of tissue. The warming of the muscles increases the heart rate, which stimulates metabolism in the body and thus has an intense detoxifying effect and relieves muscle tension. Circulation and the body's self-healing powers are activated. 
  • Foot bath with massage jets for relaxation
Bergweltsauna Dampfbad
Bergweltsauna Finnische Sauna
Bergweltsauna Kräutersauna
Bergweltsauna Ruheraum
Bergweltsauna Salzwand
Bergweltsauna Wasserbett

Jäger's family sauna

Immerse yourself in our family wellness world (non-nude area) on 200m².

  • Herbal steam bath
  • Waterbed room, ice fountain
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Counter current
  • Pool loungers with massage jets and neck massage waterfall
Heated indoor pool
Relaxation room
Place of relaxation